Service Division


Welcome to our service page, we are so happy to give you the option of saving time and money. Not only do we have competitive prices for your new remotes and keys, we have state of the art equipment to service our customers. Dealerships often tell you it must be programmed by your local dealership; this is not the case. We are an all-in-one stop, from purchasing your new remote to cutting your new key then programming to your vehicle from the comfort of your own residents.


We buy where the dealers buy for OEM or (Dealer Remotes) for 30% to 40%, for the same remote. Our aftermarket remotes are also available for purchase, in many cases the quality these remotes are better made then dealer remotes. If product does not show in stock, let us know will order it right away.

Key Cutting 

No need to have your car towed, we come to you, with our mobile key cutting system we can cut your key at your residence or place of business. It does help if you have your key code to vehicle, or at least one key to copy from. In all lost keys we need key code that can be given to you by vehicles manufactured.


All service techs carry the most up to date programmers, the new Advanced Diagnostics Smart Pro is the most advanced programers on the market surpassing even dealership programmers. The Smart Pro has a special function called All Lost Keys this enables us to program remotes or keys without existing master keys. We program vehicles right up to 2019, some dealers need to call us for the more advanced vehicle security.


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