Learn about car remotes and Keys

What is a keyless entry system?

Most people have a remote or (fob) on their key chain, some of us have a flip key, or for newer vehicles a proximity remote. They all have the same basic principle behind them. We would all rather hit a button on are remote, then put the key in the door to lock or unlock are vehicle. In 1997 the first mainstream introduction of remotes by automobile manufactures. It now allowed us to lock and unlock are cars and trucks from a distance, some honked your horn, and some flashed your lights when you hit lock and unlock. As the 2000’s was upon us in a short amount of time you could pop your trunk or start your vehicle with a button.

How do they work?

No matter the remote old or new they will only send an encrypted signal to your own car or truck (or SUV I don’t want them to feel left out). A remote will only work if its programmed to your personal vehicle, so no you can note use your remote on another vehicle. Remotes contain a short-range radio transmitter chip, that must be programmed and within a range of usually 5–20 meters, of the vehicle to work. When a button is pushed, it sends a coded signal by radio waves to a receiver unit in the car, which locks or unlocks the door.

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What is a Transponder Key?

All cars and trucks after 2000 will use a transponder key, which every car manufacturer still uses to this day. Transponder keys have a rf transmitter chip inside of them. The chip in the key talks to an antenna in the form of a ring that is around your ignition where you insert your key. The key transmits a very low signal that the vehicle can detect only when the key is in ignition, and in the on position.

Do I have an immobilizer?

If you have a Transponder key you will have an immobilizer, this is all part of your anti-theft system. Your transponder will only work if you have programmed you new key with the immobilizer. Any local locksmith can program your new key to your vehicle. Once your key is programmed, it can now talk to your immobilizer and send a message to the computer in your car that its safe to start your vehicle.  

Who can Program my vehicle?

Dealers often tell you it must be programmed by your local dealership; this is not the case. I have had many cases where a new customer will call me, and say I lost all my keys and dealership said I must change the ignition, immobilizer and computer to match new keys, and it will cost me $2800. Please its not the case, just check at your local automotive locksmith in your area, it will save you lots money. Canada remote and key can come to your car and reprogram new keys and remotes or proximity remotes for under $200.00.

Can I buy aftermarket remotes and keys?

Yes, you can buy and use after market remotes and keys and have Canada remote and key in Vancouver or Fraser Valley program it for you or call your local locksmith in your area. If your buying a remote off eBay for $15.00 dollars, we know that its hit or miss if it programs and you must pay for programming either way. Its better to buy from a company that’s programming your remote or key because they will honor their remote. But the biggest problem people have is not buying the correct remote from eBay or china. Chevy can have two or three remotes with different model numbers for the same car same number of buttons.


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